Let’s make something clear here, we’re not professional gamers; we’re casual gamers at best. However, due to our family lives being somewhat chaotic we can often only play 2-player games. Over the years we’ve bought games that the box says are for two players but the experience has been poor; either it just doesn’t work or we’ve had to create our own custom rules to make it work. There are, however, some that do work well with two players.

We found that when we researched new games it was pretty much impossible to find any mention of how well the games work with two players; is it an actual 2-player game or is it a variant adapted later in development to try reach a bigger audience? If it’s a variant does it actually work well or has it just been added so they can market it to a wider range of players?

This is where 2PGR.net comes into play. We aim to review 2-player games (2PGR = 2-Player Game Reviews) so that other couples can get an idea how well a game works with two players. If a game says it’s for 2 or more players then we’ll aim to give it an honest and fair review and, where possible, share some of our tips to help improve your 2-player gaming.

We’re not professional gamers; we just enjoy playing games that work well with two players…